(5-12 years)

About This Program

This is an excellent space for the school-age children to complete homework, hang out and make new friends.  This classroom will be opened for children who attend the public school and will be staffed on late start, early outs, teacher in-service days and full day care including summer and vacation days.  No worries about finding childcare—we’ve got you covered.


This classroom is an enormous space which is full of fun and educational activities to be used all year. The Wallabies will attend preschool during the day and venture out of the center on several field trips during the year.  There are centers set up so that each child is able to move around the room and explore on their own. This class room has it’s own bathrooms and access to the age appropriate outside area.

Weekly Rates

Lil' Cubs accepts cash, check, and all major credit cards. We also offer automatic withdrawal.

Before School​

  • 3 Days | N.A.

  • 4 Days | N.A.

  • 5 Days | $55.00 per child / per week

After School​

  • 3 Days | N.A.

  • 4 Days | N.A.

  • 5 Days | $69.00 per child / per week


Before & After School​

  • 3 Days | N.A.

  • 4 Days | N.A.

  • 5 Days | $110.00 per child / per week

Summer Rates​

  • 3 Days | $107.00 per child / per week

  • 4 Days | $122.00 per child / per week

  • 5 Days | $152.00 per child / per week


  • 2hr early outs/late starts $15.00 per day / per child

  • Late starts and early outs is a flat rate. No sibling discount given

  • No school day due to weather / in-service $35.00 per day / per child

  • School age drop in, no school day $45.00 per day / per child

Limitations: 3 & 4 days a week are available on a limited basis. It is not feasible for Lil' Cubs to offer anything less than 3 days a week child care. There is a 15% discount on the oldest child when at least one child attends full-time. Drop in rate for the school age child is $35 for a full day and $14 a day for early dismissal or late start. If no school days result in higher “by the day” charges, you will be charged the full time school rate. Vacation days are given to children once a month. To qualify, your child must pay the full time tuition. (5 days a week, 12 months a year). Tuition rates go down when your child turns the next age, not by the classroom.

What Parents Say

"My children attend Lil’ Cubs. I absolutely love how they truly care for my children. I have witnessed their concern about how each child handles situations and how all of the staff works together to make the children feel safe and comfortable. Thank you for caring for my children and keeping communication open! It is mind easing as a parent to know they are in good hands. I also love ALL of the activities the center offers the children."

— Jill Lomp